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WEBSITE UPDATE: In an effort to simplify and further separate our Train Simulator and Rail Simulator / Railworks stock, we've consolidated the entire Train Simulator Section. Now, access to the MSTS Payware, Bonus Files, Freeware and repaints section can be found under the MSTS Releases link at left. Also, to reduce the number of pages, we have moved the repaints to the very bottom of the freeware page. 

ANOTHER UPDATE: BLLW has begun a small program of updating the Bump maps and artwork files to the Pullman 6-3's again. This time, the new Bump Mapping corrects some prominent lighting issues, addresses the truck texture's viewing distance issues, adds some limited weathering and better effects to the cars. The first set to be updated, the NYC set, has been re-uploaded to BLLW's servers. To install this update, simply re-download your Pullman set and install it. keep your eyes on the BLLW 6-3 page to see which files have been updated to 1.5 Specs.

BIG NEWS: Beginning Immediately, all package of the Pullman 6-3 Sleepers sold will include the new and improved 1.2 shape. Version 1.2 now introduces a refined Bump map to reduce lighting problems, new and improved shadow effects, updated guide which now solves the problem of installing to Railworks®. For those of you who already own the sets, simply use your old download link and reinstall the sets. Make sure to remove the blueprints.pak files in your existing BLLW directory first. 

BREAKING NEWS ( 09/10/2009 ): Broadway Limited Locomotive Works is proud to announce: Keystone Legends ®; a brand-new series of Rail Simulator / Railworks equipment. "Keystone legends" Series models will be thoroughly rebuilt classic BLLW models (some of them rebuilt so much that we might as well just call them new models altogether). Where possible, freight equipment will feature operating doors, new higher quality 3D trucks, Updated artwork, Accurate 3D brake systems, coupler cut levers, and on Passenger equipment, updated and more accurate 3D interiors, accurate window cutouts complete with 3d Window frames, and much more. Stay tuned for Further Announcements...

BREAKING NEWS ( 08/25/2009 ): The Wait is now over: BLLW's first release for Rail Simulator and Railworks: the Pullman Heavyweight 6-3 Sleeper, is now available. Checkout the KRS Main page for more details. 

BREAKING NEWS:  (08/25/2009 ): For those of you who have bought our F30a Pack, and downloaded the bonus set, we ask that you please download and reinstall the F30a Bonus set. We have made some massive tweaks within the file.

Caboose packs now available (05-23-2009 ): Well folks, we're finally ready for release. Visit the Payware Division pages to get your copies of these rolling masterpieces. New features include operating doors Accurate interior views, accurate physics and a whole lot more..

Authentic PRR Cabin Cars Coming Soon (05-18-2009): Well folks, for those still waiting, we've finally decided to "bring up the markers" on our Payware inventory. Coming soon is our all new PRR Designed N5 / N5b Caboose sets. See some preview shots in the Projects area to see what to expect.

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (04-24-2009): Well folks, the freeware section is now opened again, complete with two new packages: the PB70 Combine Pack, and D78a Series pack, both which have had a long way in coming. Stay tuned for new Payware items under construction, including some limited "sneak peeks"

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (04-20-2009): Well folks, we have some limited good news... We have a handful of our files from the freeware library back and are working to get the rest of the files relocated. For those looking for BLLW's Payware items, this section was surprisingly unaffected, and remains open   

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (04-19-2009): BLLW is currently experiencing some technical issues dealing with the freeware download section. We are currently working to resolve the issue and ask that you please be patient with us.   

New Downloads Available (04-04-2009): Now available is the new Pennsylvania Railroad Maintenance of Way F30a Set. this bonusware set adds a loaded F30k Tie transporting car, and a F30a in wreck train service, hauling spare freight car trucks. This set requires ownership of the F30a set to work.  

New Downloads Available (03-29-2009): Now available is the BLLW PA1 Set 2, painted up in the "as Delivered" Dark green locomotive Enamel and Gold leaf pinstriping. This scheme lasted well into 1952, when the majority of units in the passenger pool were repainted to Tuscan Red.  The set can be found in the Custom Repaints section.

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (03-02-09): The majority of the page revisions have been completed. among new features is a new index page specially for the Payware section, and soon enough, a page dedicated to stock for Kuju Rail Simulator. Stay tuned for more details

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (02-21-09): BLLW is currently working on several major projects dealing around the webpage, and with rolling stock packages. During the next week of Feb 23 - 28th, the Certain sections of the webpage may become intermittent. We apologize for any added inconvenience.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT (10-18-08): For those with trouble accessing the buy now buttons in the current version of the website, we now have each payware product's page available in framed or no framed versions. 

NEW ITEMS ANNOUNCED (10-18-08): BLLW Payware Department is proud to announce the creation of the N5-N5b series supersets. prototypical details such as correct trucks, underbody details, operating doors, highly detailed artwork, and the PRR's Signature "Trainphone" system will be applied (where prototypical). Liveries and the number of packages are still being decided. Signup at Club-BLLW on Yahoogroups.com and cast your vote to see what gets replicated.

BLLW F30d "Truc Train" Flatcar Superset Now Available (10-18-2008): After a long wait and no payware add-ons available, BLLW's long awaited PRR F30d "Truc Train" Flatcar superset is finally available. The brand new set features 99% hand-drawn artwork, 15 prototypically rendered PRR F30d "Truc Train" flats with eight different trailers and empty variants present, accurate physics, and even some bonus items. See the F30d page under the payware section for more details... 

New Downloads Available (08-12-2008): Now available is the BLLW GG1 Superpack. Utilizing Dick Cowen's new GG1 shapes, BLLW has managed to replicate twelve different numbers and three schemes: PRR's Classic Tuscan Red and Gold Pinstriping, DGLE and Gold pinstriping, and the never before replicated 1937 "feathered" scheme. This scheme was believed to have been an attempt to work the classic five stripe scheme around the grilles. Among included items are two different sets of engine files (to allow use of the original sounds, or the Milwaukee EF-2 Boxcab sounds), and twenty four sample consists.  The set can be found in the Custom Repaints section.

Also available now finally are the BLLW Conrail N5 beta. These versatile cars were built beginning in 1920 and continued to serve through the PRR, brief Penn Central Era, and were finally retired by the mid 80's when they were no longer required on the ends of trains.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT (8-12-08): Due in large part to the lack of our ability to acquire proper cabview and sounds for the Baldwin DR6-4-20 Passenger Sharks, we have instated a temporary cancellation on this project. The Passenger cars slatted to go with them may be released without them. 

NEW ITEMS ANNOUNCED (8-12-08): BLLW Payware Department is proud to announce two new freight car sets: The PRR F30d "Truc Train" TOFC set, and the TTX F30d set. The F30d was a variant of the PRR's F30a flatcars. Like it's sisters, it had a length of nearly 50', but featured the necessary jacking, tie down, and locking equipment for hauling Semi trailers assigned to TOFC service. The PRR version comes in a set of twelve cars (two unnumbered), accurate 1950's style trailers appropriately jacked and locked down. The TTX version comes equipped with prototype-specific roller bearing trucks, accurate 1960's / 1970's style 35' and 40' trailer loads, appropriate lock down apparatus. Both packs will be available together. Coming soon...!

BLLW ACF Type 21 Tank Cars Now Available (05-10-2008): Available now are a few different sets of American Car and Foundry "Type 21" Tank Cars. The Sets include two numbers and one unnumbered car per scheme. Among the Schemes available are Sinclair Oil, Chicago Tank Car Co., American Oil Co., and many others. See the Payware section for more details.

New Download Available (05-01-2008): Now available is the Alco PA-PB Four unit pack 01. The pack, which includes two PA's and Two PB's, comes decorated in the PRR's early passenger livery, of five-stripe Gold Leaf and Tuscan Red. Features include accurate sounds (included by permission of Bill Hemb and Eric Cantu, custom Cabview by Dwight Mitchell, accurate lighting effects, and six sample consists.  The set can be found in the Custom Repaints section.

BLLW Update (04-22-2008): BLLW is back up and running properly. we now own our own domain and webspace. we hope that you will find our new link, bllw.net, easier to get to and maneuver. We are also proud to report that in a few weeks, BLLW will be releasing a package of Type 21 Tank Cars. this design, built by American Car and Foundry beginning in 1921, could be found roaming the rails right into the 1970's, when they were replaced by more modern, higher capacity cars.  

Payware Division Opened and Updated (04-10-2008): The new F30a Payware flatcar pack is now available in the BLLW Payware Division Downloads area. Go buy your copy today before they disappear like the real thing... 

OVERALL  UPDATE (04-3-2008): Have a look at the new Payware Division page, available by accessing the Downloads icon at far left. You can be sure these models will be the "V-Scale" equivalent to HO Scale Brass.  We hope you will enjoy these quality models. 

OVERALL  UPDATE (03-28-2008): In case you have not been paying close enough attention, BLLW has released a few newer "Never before seen" H21a Hopper packs, and reworked the weight and coupler values for the rest of the series and re-released them. BLLW has also officially opened up it's payware Department. By next week or the week after, we should be debuting our first of a series of high quality PRR payware models never before seen. 

OVERALL  UPDATE (03-24-2008): We are proud to finally announce some newer models coming soon. We hope to unveil a new section to the web page, along with the models, sometime early next week.  We will release some other news announcements about the same time.

A5 UPDATE (03-08-2008): BLLW is proud to announce a complete update to the webpage.  PRR Middle Division 2.5 is officially written off as discontinued. We will not be issuing any payware routes. Newer updates to files will also be available only through the BLLW page, or at Means Locomotive Works. Also see the add-ons section for updates to the license files for our models.  For Wednesday, we will be debuting some "never before released" files. Among them, several new freight packages, and a few new passenger car packs. 

A5 UPDATE (01-17-2008): The A5 Switcher is Still under construction. it is currently 90% complete, requiring some minor issues handled before anything further is done. Further freeware equipment packages will be released through BLLW, or Meanslocomotiveworks.com. BLLW's freight car department has also decided that with the quality of our recent add-on's, some newer models will be released as payware. 

NEW RELEASE (02-27-2007): HUGE WEBSITE UPDATE!!! Middle Division V2.5 is available again, more information in the MD Section of our page. the PRR A-5 has been shipped off to the painters and is close to completion. Also keep a eye out for more PRR Heavyweight equipment!

NEW RELEASE (01-03-2007): The T-1 Shape files finished, shipped off to the "painters"

NEW RELEASE (11-21-2006): The P70 Pack is now available in the File Library at BLLW Download Center

NEW RELEASE (09-07-2006): The B60b Mega-Packs 5-7 are now available in the File Library at BLLW Download Center

NEW RELEASE (08-23-2006): The B60b Mega-Packs 3&4 are now available in the File Library at BLLW Download Center

NEW RELEASE (08-22-2006): The B60b Mega-Packs 1&2 are now available in the File Library at BLLW Download Center

NEW RELEASE (08-22-2006): Finally after 4 years of building, rebuilding, testing, retesting, and lots of profanity, THE K-4 #1361 HAS BEEN UPLOADED!!! The Model, built by Ron Peruit and Mike Vanderhoof, comes complete with accurate physics, two versions (one with a Drop Coupler engaged by Freightanim tag) and another with it down, plus the options to install an auxiliary water tender and B60b Baggage car complete with excursion fittings (and passenger view) for those who like to enjoy breathtaking scenery or take those hard to get curve shots of the engine from aboard the train, and even a night version of the cab for users of the MSTS Bin versions 1.5.7 and the next version 1.5.8 with their operable night-day transitional cabs.

NEW PROJECTS (12-20-2006): To complement our upcoming K4, K4
Megapack, and even our payware Baldwin DR6-4-20 set, we have decided that there was an excessive lack in the PRR Passenger equipment. To fix this we are in the process of producing some
exclusive PRR Passenger equipment. Since we want to surprise you, we will unveil one of the cars on December 29th, right here

NEW PROJECTS (09-17-2006): Broadway Limited Locomotive Works is proud to announce accurate models of Pennsylvania Railroad's own unique Baldwin DR6-4-20 Shark-Nose Passenger Units. They will be released possibly as a Complete package of all 18 A Units and 9 B Units. Features will include 2 Different Number Board styles, All of the different paint schemes ever applied to them, and even the appropriate side details. Paint Schemes include: PRR Tuscan 5 Stripe ( Stripes Painted in Gold Leaf ), PRR Tuscan Single Stripe, PRR DGLE 5 Stripe ( Stripe in Dulux Gold ), PRR DGLE Single Stripe. All units will be available in these different setups. Cabview will be
aliased to the NALW RF16.
See some samples in the Projects

Due to the extent of this package, it will be released as a $20 Payware set, although one freeware pair will be available as a demo.
BLLW Photo Contest winners photos will be on display on our pages until early February for all to see.

NEW RELEASES (10-06-2005): by Associate Ron Peruit and BLLW head Jim
Shubsda is an all-new, up to date version of our signature engine, Pennsylvania RR I1sa 2-10-0 #4483.

Engine history: The "real" #4483 was retired around 1957 after
continuous use by the PRR. She was given a complete overhaul, then placed on display in front of a New York based Westinghouse plant. During this period, the Brakeman's doghouse on the tender was removed and used as a guardhouse, and the engine used to store signal equipment.

Sometime later on, the locomotive was purchased by a New York based Railroad Historical Society under the leadership of Scott MP Hawbaker, and moved to Hamburg, NY, where she still resides being restored.


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