About Us

Broadway Limited Locomotive Works. Who are we? Glad you asked. We're a group of highly-skilled modelers specializing in "Virtual Brass"-quality 3D models for Kuju's Rail Simulator, Rail Simulator.com's Railworks, and Microsoft Train Simulator. All modeling, artwork, and testing is done in-house, following original Pennsylvania Railroad blueprints, builder's photos, railfan photos, and whatever else we can get our hands on. All textures are approximately 95% hand-drawn unless stated otherwise. 

Formed in 2003, we are a group of individuals who specialize in add-ons closely following the detail levels of today's model railroad equipment. 

What made us decided to replicate the equipment of the late and still great, Pennsylvania Railroad? When we formed the group, all that was out there were generic repaints of PRR equipment, along with the same conditions for other roads. While this is ok, there is only so much realism that can come from a repaint. There may be specific details that a repaint can't provide, or maybe it can't even supply the correct trucks due to the way the item was modeled. At that point, we decided something had to be done, and unless we sat down and did it, it wasn't going to be.

For our first model ever, One of our skilled modelers, with the help of fellow modelers Mike Vanderhoof and Rick Lamp, managed to create and release the first actual Pennsy Models: a Replica of the PRR's H21a Hoppers. This Class of hopper, 36,000 strong, carried coal, ore and any other commodity that could be exposed to the weather.

Over time, the replicas grew, until we come to today, where the person enjoying replicating the PRR for Train Simulator can run I1sa 2-10-0 Decapods on Coal Drags, or a duo of K4's on a Passenger, with accurate PRR Passenger equipment, or even run some of the PRR's finest Electrics. Likewise, the same is slowly happening for Rail Simulator and Railworks in PRR Equipment slowly appearing from many different sources such as our affiliates at the "Golden Age of Railroading." 


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