The long awaited Amtrak Pack 01 is finally available! 

The package includes seven pieces of rolling stock, six quick drive ready consists, and much more. Get your copy today



- Highly recommended service packs are now available for Northeast Classics Series Sets 1 & 2, making some minor repairs to improve the product. 

Improvements include:

- New Soundsets installed

- Tweaks to passenger views (Set 2 Only)

- Dynamic Numbering improvements (Set 2)

- Cleaner Naming



MAJOR Webpage Update:  Apparently during our last update, we somehow managed to incorrectly link Northeast Classics Set 2 to the wrong page. This bug has been corrected.  


Coming soon from Associate MLWAudio/Searchlight Sims is the new GE Evolution Series sound set. 

Into modern units and want the best sounds you can get? 

Look no further than this sound set. 

The new package supports and enhances the following sets:

- Marias Pass ES44DC

- Stevens Pass ES44DC

Complete with additional bin files and modded physics to represent ES44ACs in the 58-6200 class and ES44C4s

- NS ES44 Heritage Pack (NS 8101 complete with new K5HLM Horn)


- UP Sherman Hill C45ACCTE *

- NS Coal District ES44AC *

Available soon at Oovee Game Studios




Broadway Limited Locomotive Works is proud to announce and welcome our newest partner: Jesse G. Please make sure to stop by and checkout Jesse's Corner where we will be hosting some of his most prized repaints


Due to some changes with BLLW's current email provider, we will be gradually overhauling all links to a new email address. We thank you for your patience during this period of transition.  

BLLW's 10th Anniversary: Broadway Limited Locomotive Works is proud to celebrate our 10th year of recreating virtual rolling stock for the various Simulators that have existed, some of many that have come and gone, and others that continue to bring excitement to those that use them. As part of our tenth anniversary, we've also taken the time to perform some major updates to this website. We hope you enjoy the new format to some sections.

Two new Scenarios available to Northeast Classics Users.

Available only on the Railworks page here at BLLW are two new Scenarios geared towards users of Horseshoe Curve and the Northeast Classics Series. check them out today. 

Now Arriving on Track 1.. 

Broadway Limited Locomotive Works is proud to finally announce Northeast Classics Set 2: The Budd 21 Roomette Sleeper. Available in two primary and two bonus schemes, the cars include Operating doors (complete with drop steps and trap doors), working diaphragms complete with era-appropriate connections, marker lights, a prototypical passenger view with daytime or nighttime view, prototypical details and much more... 

Northeast Classics Sets Revised (again): After much studying, the issues present in TSX Mode with the BM70na "Robert E Hannegan" are believed to finally be solved. To take full advantage of this update, simply use your download links from purchase to download and install the archive.    

PRR Express Pack Now available: Looking for something besides the default equipment to use for your passenger and express equipment needs? Look no further. BLLW's Keystone Legends PRR Express Pack is now available with over a dozen B60b Baggage Cars, R50b Express Reefers and some surprises. Get your copy today. 

Northeast Classics Sets Revised: A few major revisions have been made to the Notheast Classics Set 01: This Complete update reworks all BM70m Shapes to correct some shader issues, fixes the numbering on one of the BM70ms, and a few other minor tweaks. To take full advantage of this update, simply use your download links from purchase to download and install the archive.  

Northeast Classics Sets Updated: BLLW is proud to say that the Northeast Classics Set 01 is now up to date with TS2012 technology. Get your copy today, or if you already own the old version, simply download the files again and install the revised files.

BLLW Announces Scenarios: Available now for your enjoyment is BLLW's first scenario for Train Simulator 2012. Download it today from the Railworks page.

UPDATES IN PROGRESS... STAY TUNED: BLLW is currently working on upgrading our rolling stock to perform and operate better with the new Train Simulator 2012 graphics core. Updates will begin with the Northeast Classics Series and then circulate back into the Keystone Legends Series. Products will be for your upgraded and given a "Train Simulator 2012 Seal as they are upgraded. Please stay tuned to the News section for more details as we progress. Thank you for your patience.

NEW ITEM NOW ARRIVING ON TRACK 2: Now available to owners of the Britkits PRR Set is a special patch designed by Broadway Limited Locomotive Works to make the units Compliant with the new Northeast Classics Series rolling stock. For more details on this file, please visit the Railworks page.  

NEW PRODUCT NOW ARRIVING ON TRACK 1: Northeast Classics Set 01, the 1949 Broadway Limited RPO equipment, is now available under the Railworks section. The new set is a milestone for Broadway Limited Locomotive Works, with plenty of detail and new features. For more details, check them out. 

NEW PRODUCT NOW ARRIVING ON TRACK 1: Broadway Limited Locomotive Works is proud to present: The Keystone Legends Bay Window Caboose Kit 
Included in this set is Ten different Bay Window Caboose Shapes setup for different variations of auto numbering (3 ea two digit, three digit and four digit, plus a four digit car setup with six cornered numbering), Several different fittings to allow complete customization, a Custom Passenger view for each caboose to allow riding as the conductor or rear brakeman of your train, 11 Different Bonus models, Painting templates in Paint Shop Pro (PSP) and Photoshop (PSD) Format and a Complete guide covering all aspects of the kit in depth, including installation, repainting policy, walk-through on changing fittings, and much more. Get your copy of this new BLLW Model today

Policy Updates for payware items: Beginning Monday, August 23rd, all sales on BLLW's payware items are final. No refunds.  These items become non-returnable merchandise upon clicking the "Return to Merchant" button. 

Breaking news for all Pennsylvania Railroad fans: For those out there looking forward to something to pull your PRR passenger trains, affiliate Dick Cowen has released Authentic PRR GG1s and EP20 (E7's) in a special Britkits pack. These new units feature authentic PRR artwork and details compared exhaustively from photos and models of the real things. The EP20's alone set a new standard in PRR motive power, having been the first ever models to recreate the Pennsy's unique Trainphone system inside and outside the cab. The set also includes a perfect rendition of the Pennsy's famous GG1s, and freelanced PRR heavyweight cars. 

These models can be found by clicking here 

New Troubleshooting Page added: For those being plagued by different problems with our add-ons, we've added a new page, called "Troubleshooting 101." This new page is designed specifically to answer questions about the infamous "Buy Now" button issues, and much more. 

Keystone Legends H21a Packs now Available!: After months of waiting, the Keystone Legends H21a Series 4 Bay, 70 ton capacity coal hopper for Rail Simulator / Railworks is finally available. With over Eight months of production time spent on it, this model is sure to be a must-have item for anyone who enjoys Appalachian and Eastern Railroading as a whole. Perfect for running empty, handling coal, or even moving Iron ore to hungry steel Mills on your Rail Simulator / Railworks routes. Get Your copy today. 



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